Quickload Version 5 Client Download Page

Installation Instructions

To install the version 5.4 Quickload client, perform the following steps.

  1. If you currently have Quickload installed, exit the Quickload client.
  2. Uninstall the current version of Quickload. (Start Control Panel Programs and Features, then select Avanade Quickload Delivery Manager and click Uninstall.)
  3. Click the link for this zip file, which includes the installer files.
  4. Once the file downloads to your laptop, open the Avanade_v5Client.zip file.
  5. Extract both files, the Avanade_Client.exe and Avanade_Client.msi, to a location such as Desktop or [My] Documents.
  6. Run the Avanade_Client.exe file, and the Avanade Quickload Delivery Manager Setup launches.
  7. Click Next in the Quickload Delivery Manager Setup window.
  8. For Vista users, enter authorization required by UAC prompts.
  9. The Avanade Quickload Delivery Manager installation will proceed. Progress will be tracked in the setup window.
  10. Once installation has completed, the message “Completing the Avanade Quickload Delivery Manager Setup Wizard. Click the Finish button to exit the Setup Wizard.” will appear. Click Finish to complete the installation.

NOTE: To verify that Quickload was successfully installed, check your desktop for a Quickload icon and determine if “Avanade Quickload” is present under Start All Programs.
User Resources

Version 5 FAQ


What is the current version of the client, and how can I tell if I have this version?

The current version of the client is 5.4. You can determine the version of your client by selecting HelpAbout. The version will then be displayed.

Why is there a new version 5.4 Quickload client?

The 5.4 version of the Quickload client resolves an issue in which previous versions of the client time out upon system startup. Primarily, this occurs for wireless users. Quickload searches for an internet connection, and if one is not yet available, the application will not behave as expected. In these cases, users may see only an orange screen, downloads may fail to initialize, or users may be redirected to the Quickload installation page upon attempting a download.

Quickload’s 5.4 version also provides better support for users behind proxies. Many users at customer sites have issues directly accessing Quickload content. This version should offer improved performance in these situations.

Do I need the new client, or will my current version 4 or version 5 client continue to work?

Previous versions of Quickload, either the V4 or V5.x client will continue to work. If you remain on version 4.X, note that the version 5 client does offer significant performance improvements over the version 4 client.

How can I get the new client?

See the installation procedure above. The link to the installation file is contained in this procedure.

I am getting an error when I try to install the new Quickload v5.4 client stating, "A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\Users\....\...msi". What is wrong and how do I install the program?

The previous version of the Quickload client was not uninstalled before installation of the current version was launched. Uninstall the current version of Quickload and attempt to install the v5.4 Quickload client again.

I followed the installation procedure given above, but installation failed. What should I try?

Run the Quickload removal tool, kclean.exe. Running this tool removes any installation of Quickload or any Quickload configuration settings that may be preventing the new installation. After running the kclean tool, attempt installation again.

If I don't have a client installed, will there be an automatic installation (as there was with version 4) when I attempt to initiate a download?

No, web installation is not supported in this version of Quickload. If you don't have the client installed, and you click on a link that would initiate a Quickload download, then you will be automatically redirected to a page containing the MSI installer for Quickload.

Download the necessary files, install the new version 5 client on your laptop, and then attempt the download again.

Will this new version address the Quickload performance issues?

The Version 5 client and server will address some performance issues, but not all that have affected Quickload users.

However, ITS, in conjunction with the Quickload vendor (VeriSign Kontiki), performed extensive troubleshooting involving the Quickload network in June. The results of this troubleshooting demonstrated major issues in the interworking between Kontiki's product and one of our network appliances. Alongside the server upgrade, ITS will be addressing this issue. Solving this problem will eliminate the most significant network issues and lead to substantial performance improvements.

I’ve downloaded something, but I can’t play or open it. Is there something I can do?

The 5.12 version of the Quickload client has a bug that affects Vista users, primarily those operating with the recommended security configuration for User Account Control (UAC).

User accounts running with Standard User privileges may encounter regular problems with Quickload downloads. In particular, when content is downloaded it may incorrectly attach permissions to the computer's Administrator account rather than the active Standard User account requesting the download.

To play these files, users must manually add the Standard User account to the file's security permissions. However, even after doing so, the file will not play natively in Quickload. This problem will be solved for new downloads by upgrading to the current version (5.4) of Quickload, which correctly attaches permissions to all downloaded content.

I've upgraded from V4 to the new client, but now I can't find my previous downloads. What happened to them?

Windows Vista use is not supported under version 4 of the Kontiki Quickload client and version 4 information about downloads and other configuration details will not be preserved when upgrading. The end result is that your previously downloaded files will not be visible in the new client. The client has its own database of downloads and the entries in this database will not be updated based on activity from the previous Quickload version.

NOTE: If your operating system is Windows XP, then this should not apply for you. The upgrade of the Quickload client, should preserve settings from the previous version of Quickload. This includes your downloaded files.

Additionally, under Quickload version 4, downloaded files were placed into a different location on your computer. The default locations for downloaded content are provided in the following table.

Operating System Quickload V4 Default Content Location Quickload V5 Default Content Location
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\My Documents\My Deliveries C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Documents\My Deliveries
Windows Vista C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\My Deliveries C:\Users\Public\Documents\My Deliveries

I want to upgrade from V5.x to the new V5.4 client, but I don't want to lose my previous previous downloads. What should I do?

The content should be preserved when installing. If you run into issues with installation, then you may want to run the vendor's special uninstall tool kclean. However, the kclean tool will remove content, so before using the kclean utility, save local content to a different folder. If you do not use kclean then all content should be preserved when upgrading.

Where are the actual files that I've downloaded with Quickload located on my computer?

By default, files are placed into the following locations, depending upon your laptop's operating system.

Operating System Quickload V4 Default Content Location Quickload V5 Default Content Location
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\My Documents\My Deliveries C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Documents\My Deliveries
Windows Vista C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\My Deliveries C:\Users\Public\Documents\My Deliveries

After upgrading from version 4 to version 5 OR after running the kclean tool, I've copied my downloaded files to the directory listed in the table above, however, I'm still not able to see these files in my version 5 client. Why not?

Copying new folders into your Quickload downloads folder will not make them visible within the client. The Quickload client maintains a database of downloaded files; displaying in the client window the files still present in their original location upon download.

The information contained in the table above will help you locate the files downloaded with the current or former versions of the client; however, moving these files will not result in their recognition by the version 5 client.

Why are my downloaded files being placed into the Public directory instead of into a directory under my own user account?

The new version of Quickload offers performance improvements for various scenarios. One of these is for users who share a computer. In these cases, downloads will continue for all users whenever one of the users is online. However, individual users will be the only ones able to access their own downloaded content.

Can I change the local file where downloaded content will be placed?

Yes, you can. Perform the following steps to change the location of downloaded content.

  1. In the client window, select ToolsPreferences.
  2. In the Avanade Quickload window that opens, choose the tab Delivery Settings.
  3. In the section of this window called Deliveries Folder, the current location is displayed. To change this location, click Browse.
  4. In the Browse for Folder window that opens, choose the new location for your folder.